re●s and widen○ market ac◆cess.Commit○ments made t〓o cancel or● ease restriction●s on foreign i●nvestment ●in such manufacturin○g sectors as automob●iles, shipping ves

r tariff cuts will ●be benefici○al to openin●g-up and m■eet public dem

◆sels and air●craft will b●e promptly ●implemented.The ●mechanism re○garding qual●ified overseas i■nvestors will be ◆expanded. This wi■ll encourage such in◆vestors to p■articipate in f●utures trading of〓 crude oil and iro◆n ore and prov◆ide more s◆upport to forei

and◆, whi

ch will also

pu■sh forward q〓u

gn-i○nvested financial i●nstitutions 〓in underwriting loc■al government bonds●."We must s〓trive to preserv●e China's status 〓as a major des■tination for forei○gn inve

ality improv

ements ◆and industr

stment.〓 Opening-up has d◆riven China's■ reform endeavors● in the past 40 year■s. Foreign-investe■d enterprises ■have been a signi◆ficant contr〓ibutor to Chi●nese exp

ia◆l upgrad

in◆g, the statement

or●ts. More import〓antly, they have bro●ught to China● industrial● and value c●hains and spurred ○corporate r■eform and i●nnovation," ◆Li said.Foreig○n investment in

■said. It

also said ●related

Chin○a hit a ne◆w high of 877.5●6 billion yuan ●($136.7 billion)〓 in 2017, up by 7.9○ percent year●-on-year, a■ccording to the M●inistry of Com■merce.It was also de?/p>


s shoul■d strictly

馽ided at the meeting■ that inve●stment fac●ilitation wi○ll be enhanced■ based on internati●onal standards. ◆The negative li〓st in the market acc〓ess of foreign in●ve

〓carry out

the polic〓y and pre

stors will be rev●ised and release●d before July 1.○Provincial◆ governments wil●l be given the autho●rity to set● up or alter the bu■sinesses of foreig〓n-invested ente

vent any ◆pri

ce increas〓es

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    ●rprises with tot●al investment of ◆$1 billion or less. ◆Filing requireme●nts in the pilot pro●gram will be■ relaxed to give e●ligible multinat○ional companie◆s greater flexi○bility in ma

    by middle
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    naging t●heir foreign currenc○y capital in China■.Permitting■ procedures for f◆oreign talent will〓 be simplified,◆ and eligible forei■gn employees hired ■by enterpri○ses registe○red in Ch

    me◆n as a
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    ina ◆will get work● visas within ○two workdays.Li cal◆led for a sense o●f urgency in at○tracting for○eign investmen○t, includin■g bigger steps ●in expanding op●ening-up a●nd tackling

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    protec●tionism.It also w○as decided th●at the legiti●mate interes●ts of foreign in●vestors will be〓 better protecte◆d. All inf○ringements, c■ounterfeiting, ○violations of c●ommercia

    ◆ Wednesd
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    l secret◆s and "tradem◆ark squatting◆" will be severe●ly dealt with. The c■ompensation ceiling◆ for intellectua●l property infringem●ents will be signif○icantly raised. De◆velopment z?/p> ay, th●e

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    鬿nes at national ○levels wil◆l be encouraged to l■ead efforts ◆to better abso■rb foreign inv●estment.More ●policy support in cr●edit lines, land us●e and soci○al security will◆ help

    State Co●
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    reduce b●usiness costs. F○oreign investors w●ill be enc〓ouraged to■ invest more i〓n central and ●western regi●ons and in secto〓rs like modern agr●iculture, ec○ological pres■ervation, ad?/p> uncil also

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    鰒anced manufacturi●ng and modern ser〓vices."We need to 〓aim higher in a●ttracting fo●reign inves■tment. We s〓hould raise our● innovation capa〓city in the new roun〓d of opening-up◆ and see t○hat all int

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    ellectual○ property ◆is fully prot●ected. No forced tec●hnology transfer wi●ll ever be imposed ○on foreign-inv○ested enterp●rises and I●PR infringement●s will be penalized○ to the ful

    that Chin
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    l ex■tent of th■e law," Li said.◆Please sca●n the QR Code to fol〓low us on Insta◆gramPlease scan the ■QR Code to follow ◆us on Wechat●Home appliance mak●er embraces int●elligent equi?/p> a○ will r

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    駊mentHome applianc◆e maker em◆braces intelli●gent equipmentHome○ appliance maker〓 embraces inte●lligent equ●ipment03-1○9-2018 14:18 BJTGree〓, a major Chinese ho◆me appliance maker,○

    oll out ●
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    is ramping ○up efforts ○in intelligent ○manufacturing ●by setting up unman●ned factories an○d using in■dustrial robots● in a varie○ty of prod●uction cycle■s, as part of its ●broader

    more forei


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